The Holidays Are Here

We are now in the midst of the holiday season and everybody is busy with the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas Day.  Many Turkeys and hams will be purchased in preparation for Christmas dinner.

Lots of Christmas trees, lights and gifts will be bought as we get ready to celebrate and bring in the holiday cheer.  Little children will be dreaming and looking forward to all the presents under the tree when they wake up. 

While thieves are waiting in the shadows to steal all the Christmas joy they can.  Just like the Grinch some people don’t want to earn what they get, they prefer to steal from others and make excuses for their poor behavior.

Our society seems to be filled with people who feel entitled to what ever the next guy has instead of thanking god for what they have been given.  We may not all have equal abilities, wealth, social standing, or talent, but we all have the opportunity to make the best out of what we have been given.

When we learn how to be thankful for what we already have, we won’t have time to worry about what the other person has.  Let’s try to remember what the real reason for the season is all about…The birth of Jesus Christ.

Try doing something for someone else by sharing what you have with others who are less fortunate —  not the greedy, but the needy.  Share love, joy and peace even if you have to create it in the corner where you live.  Let’s not continue to talk about it, let’s do something about it.  Free yourself, you’ll feel better!!!

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