Less Talk, More Action

We are almost at the end of another year and many of us are taking time to reflect back to the things we thought we would accomplish during the year and the things we have yet to accomplish.

Most of us started out with the big idea that we would lose some weight; make some better decisions; find love or just improve our family relationships.  Most of the things we thought about doing probably didn’t materialize, but they seemed like great goals at the time.  Most of the time we establish goals without having a real plan in place for accomplishing those goals.

It’s not that we don’t want to improve ourselves, but often we fail to set up realistic steps that will help us achieve our goals as we work consistently, methodically, and diligently for what we say we want.  Nothing worth having comes without some struggle or a little hard work. 

Today, most people are looking for a quick fix to solve complicated problems, but the quick fix generally is a temporary solution for a long term need.

The microwave mentality seems like the best way to go, but at the end you will find it’s nothing but a lot of fluff and stuff that leaves you less fulfilled.

There is no substitute for cultivating good habits and maintaining them.  Life is full of hopes and dreams, but those who make realistic plans for their lives have the greatest opportunity to make their plans a reality.

What will you do in 2017? Maintain the status quo, or work on the foundation that will lead you to long-term success?  It’s all up to you.  Free yourself, you’ll feel better!!!

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