Using Your Technology

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I think technology is a wonderful thing, but I think in many instances we over-use the information we obtain from it. Many people think just because it is on Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in, or other social media that it is factual and true. However, I would submit that many of the things we see and read are not necessarily true.

We must learn to ask questions before we jump to conclusions and make unfounded statements about situations we know nothing about. We say we want to know the truth, but it appears that we only want to know the truth if it matches our perception. Real truth takes into consideration all the facts so an intelligent response can be made. Nothing in and of itself is bad, but the misuse of knowledge can lead to bad consequences.

Be sure you know all the facts before you draw a conclusion. It’s a lot easier to spread misinformation than to retract misinformation once it has been released.

Place your name in the blank as you make your comments and see if it feels good when your name is used. A little bit of caution and self-control will go a long way. Technology is powerful, but it must be used with care. Free yourself, you’ll feel better!!!

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