Watch What You Say

We are living in a time when everybody wants to be an instant star.  Everybody wants to be the first to share the news about everything and about nothing.  We are living in a time when everybody wants to tell all about everybody else, but we get upset when others tell all about us.  We say we want privacy, but we are busy trying to find out what others are doing and thinking, but we want our own personal business to remain private.  I think there are things we have a right to know as “The public,” but I don’t think we have the right to know everything about everybody just because we can.  someone once said “Curiosity killed the cat” and I think we are about ready to self destruct in our society because of unbridaled curiosity.  Everybody’s got a camera and everybody is ready to embarrass others as long as it leads to fifteen minutes of fame for the teller.  I think we have lost all symblance of propriety, self-respect, judgment and common sense for what is right.  If you think what you are doing to another person is correct, then put yourself in their shoes and see if it feels correct for you.  Then and only then are you able to respect the privacy of others as you respect the privacy for yourself.  Free yourself, you’ll feel better!!!

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