What Were You Celebrating?

Picture of a cross on a hillside.

This past weekend most people were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and/or Easter Sunday. Although Easter is considered a pagan celebration it has been synonymously linked with the resurrection of Christ. Some people think this is a bad idea because we stand the risk of forgetting what the real meaning of the crucifixion was all about.

Just like any other special date we celebrate, there may be multiple activities being recognized on that same day. It doesn’t mean each event is mutually exclusive, but it is up to us to commemorate those days that have significance to us and spread the news. We must remember that businesses are always looking for an opportunity to sell us products. With Christmas it’s trees, gifts, decorations, etc. With Easter it’s rabbits, eggs, candy and anything else they can find to help us spend our money. It is true that the “Devil is always busy,” but it is up to us to be busier and never forget why we celebrate Easter Sunday—It’s all about the Resurrection of Christ. Think about it and you will feel better!!

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