The Struggle continues

Sex, violence, hatred, jealousy, murder, theft, and all the other ills of our society are always the topics of the day.  You can’t pick up a newspaper, magazine, or turn on a television set without hearing most of these topics being discussed all day every day.  You would think by now someone would have figured out the solution to most of these social ills , but instead of getting better, we are getting worse.  The harder we try the less we seem to achieve.  Pessimism is not necessarily the flavor of the day, but the struggle to keep hope alive seems to be futile.  As in times past all things must come to a head before real change will occur.  Positive change will occur only when our society gets tired of all the negatives and we are forced to make course corrections.  We can continue on the road we are traveling or we can recognize we have traveled this road before and we need to get off.  The merry go round keeps going in circles as long as there is someone who wants to ride.  What will you do?  Stay the course or seek to change it? Free yourself, you’ll feel better!

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