Persistence Pays Off.

Debra in Blue dress.

Someone once said that, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Often when we start to think about a task, we try to imagine every last detail that goes into making a job complete. If we think about all the work that may be involved in accomplishing a goal, it might seem overwhelming and less likely to happen. However, if we think about our goal as one step that moves us closer to where we ultimately want to go, it makes our goal seem much more achievable. I am probably no different than anyone else when it comes to finishing what I start. I have all the good intentions in the world to achieve my goals, but what I lack in many instances is consistency and persistence. Consistency is the firmness of constitution or character. Holding it all together until I do what I set out to do; never giving up, but working hard until I get what I really want. It doesn’t mean that things will happen overnight, however, remaining faithful to the process will always yield a positive result. Other people might be able to slow me down, but I have the power to keep trying until I get what I want. This means you can too. Think about it and you’ll feel better.

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