It Sounds Too Easy To Me.

Have you ever been given advice that seemed too simplistic for it to actually be true? Did you try other remedies that sounded more logical, but the problem persisted? Well, I had a situation with my ears several years ago that seemed impossible to solve. No matter what I tried I couldn’t stop the clicking sounds I was hearing inside my ears. I tried everything I could think of including: Going to the doctor; taking medication; and cleaning my ears frequently, but nothing changed. One day I was telling a friend about this problem and I asked them to pray for me so that god would heal this issue. My friend indicated that he would pray, but he also suggested that I rock my head back and forth about 20 times. Then rock my head from side to side about 20 times and then rotate my head in a circuler manner about 20 times to open up the passages between my eyes, ears, nose and throat. He recommended that I do these exercises within the first hour of getting out of bed. He said he wasn’t sure if this would cure my issue, but he knew there was a connection between all these areas. He thought these exercises might clear up any blockages that were occurring. Well, that sounded too easy and not at all what I was expecting to hear from him. I was looking for a miracle, not a simple answer like exercising.  However, I thought since it wouldn’t cost me anything to take his advice, I would give it a try to see what happened. To my surprise after about two weeks of following his instructions, I no longer heard the clicking sounds in my ears. I continued to do the exercises for several months just to make sure the issue was resolved. To date, I have had no further problems with my ears. It sounds so amazing, but that is what happened. I have found we won’t accept a simple solution when we are expecting an elaborate fix. As the old saying goes, “sometimes less is more.” Even if it seems too simple, try it anyway, it just might work. Free yourself, you’ll feel better!

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