Prepare For whatever.

Christmas candle

As we prepare for 2017 to end and 2018 to begin, it is important to note that every year that passes brings an abundance of pleasure along with a moderate dose of disappointment.  There are times when you think you have it all together, but one unexpected challenge may send your house of cards tumbling down.  It never hurts to check and double check when making plans.  Things can appear to be going ever so smoothly, but forces all around us are continuously shifting and changing.  It is never a good idea to get too comfortable because things in life don’t always happen exactly as you expect. A just in case back-up plan is always a good idea even if you don’t think anything could go wrong. Nothing in life remains forever constant; just the moment you currently occupy, and even that is changing.  You might not be able to stop things from happening, but you can prepare your thinking to expect the unexpected.  A great plan of action should include a good dose of “What if.”  What if may never materialize, but just in case it does, you’ll be prepared.  Free yourself and you’ll feel better!!!

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