Taking Care of Business.

Group of hearts

The words “Taking care of business” (TCB) sound good when we use them in the words of a song; however, the real meaning of TCB is more important than any cliché. Lately, I’ve been hearing about so many people who leave this earthly realm and leave their personal business undone. It’s not enough to have a good job; live in a fine home; drive a fancy car; or travel all around the world if you haven’t made preparations for your loved ones when you pass away. So many people never think about things such as funeral expenses, a will, or property distribution. Maybe that’s because it is easier not to think about it. Sometimes we think we have nothing of value to leave our love ones, but leaving them in a financial and legal bind is so unnecessary and so unfair. Regardless of your social standing, it is always better to make preparations so someone else is not left with the responsibility of sorting out your mess. Even the people who you might think should have their business together many times do not. It might not be that they intentionally neglected to make preparations, but the end result is…They didn’t make preparations. If you say you love your wife, husband, children, parents, other relatives, or friends, then it is incumbent upon you to “Take care of your business “so others don’t end up trying to sort out the mess that was your life. Don’t just think about it; do something about it. Free yourself, you’ll feel better!!!

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