Now Is The Time.

Person thinking and questioning


I read a post on Face book today where a man was expressing his frustration over the treatment of Black people and the reaction by the religious community.  He seemed to be dismayed at the fact that we say we believe in God, yet God continues to allow us to go through turmoil, trials and tribulations.  His concern was that we continue to wait for “Pie in the sky” while we patiently wait for things to get better when we get to Heaven.  At first I wanted to dismiss his words because he used a lot of profanity to make his point.  However, the more I thought about what he was really saying the more I agreed with his premise.  It’s not enough to just pray, but we must do something if we expect things to change. Sitting back and waiting on god to do what He has given us to do is not the answer. We all can’t do the same thing, but we all can do something. If you don’t do it now, when will you do it.  It’s up to us…me and you to make it happen.  If your words don’t match your actions, do you really believe? think about it and do something to make a difference.


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