Participant Or Spectator?

Flag, symbol of election and voting


According to some political analysts, this year is scheduled to be an important election year for voters; maybe even more important than the election of the President. I know a lot of people think the office of the president is more important than anything else, but some of these jobs have more of an immediate effect on our lives than others.  Some of these positions may include:  District attorney, governor, sheriff, judge, legislative, and other pertinent positions that may impact us in ways we don’t always understand. Yet, if we don’t get involved these decisions will be made with or without our help.  I think I much prefer to be a participant rather than a spectator.  A participant has a say in what happens, but a spectator can only watch from a distance.  We can continue to act as though it doesn’t matter, but in the long run we all pay a high price for voter apathy.   When it’s all said and done, where will you stand?

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