Guilty Or Not???

Chains around head


I saw on the news a few days ago that Al Franken resigned his Senate seat amidst allegations of sexual misconduct.  The same thing happened to Representative Jonhn Conyers last week as well as several other prominent names this week.  Iam not saying these men are guilty or innocent of the charges, but what I am saying is they should be afforded due process.  Due process means, innocent until proven guilty.  What I think we have today is guilty because everybody says it.  I am certainly not in favor of sexual harassment or mis-conduct, but I have found there are always three sides to every story…your side, my side and the truth somewhere in between.  We are living in a time of information over-load and everything is thrown out for consumption even before it is vetted.  I don’t go along with the wild west mob mentality of “hang now and find the facts later.”  I think we have too many people currently in our prison system who are not guilty, but circumstances make it look like guilt.  Just because a lot of people come forward and say the same thing doesn’t always equal guilt.  People can be ever so honest in what they say, but that does not automatically mean they are telling the truth.  It just means they are being honest. It is actually very scary to think that your whole life and lively-hood can be impacted by accusations that may or may not be true. I think everybody has a responsibility to use the process we have in place and stop riding the accusation band wagon just because it’s rolling.  No one wants to be victimized; nor does anyone want to be accused without benefit of a trial.  A little common sense can go a long way in every situation.  Free yourself and you’ll feel better!!!

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