There Is Always A Choice.


I can remember when I was a young child my mother use to always say, “A hard head makes a soft but.” At the time what she had to say really didn’t mean very much to me because I thought I was smarter than she gave me credit for. I probably had all of 14 or 15 years of experience under my belt and I just knew I had all the answers to any situation she could imagine.  Of course you know in my mind she really didn’t understand what it meant to be young. Invariably, as I have grown older, I finally figured out I didn’t have all the answers and I definitely didn’t know as much as I thought I knew. I have often pondered this question concerning the naivete of youth. I think it helps young people to be hopeful and fearless; yet, youthfulness also makes it harder to listen and learn from the experiences of others. I also thought it was only the young who had difficulty learning without the pitfalls of experience, but I have come to realize that most people, young or old have a hard time with an easy lesson. Maybe it’s because god gave us the “Free will” to choose the route we will take…The road of hard knocks or easy street. What do you think?

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