There Is Never A Bad Time To Say Thanks.

Peace symbol

I am sure most people have been gripped by the news of Hurricane Michael descending upon the State of Florida as well as other surrounding states. Although hurricanes are not a new phenomenon, we are seldom prepared for the devastation that happens even when we do our best to prepare. During the Hurricane Season it seems like we are plagued with various and sundry types of storms, tornados and other natural disasters that keep us just a little bit off center. However, we are always glad when our area escapes harm, but we are equally concerned about the cities who have to face the uncertainty of flooding, wind, rain and power outages as they go through the stages of the storm. I think once you know for sure your area will be impacted by the hurricane the natural response is to feel fear and concern. What should I do, leave or stay? How will I protect my property and valuables if I leave? What will I do if the unthinkable happens and I lose everything? How long will I be without access to life essentials if the worst should happen? These are all important and legitimate questions, but what I think most people feel after going through a traumatic event like a hurricane is gratitude. Gratitude because it could have been worse, but also thankfulness because you survived. It is easy to look at all the destruction and feel despair, doom and gloom; however, it is always a better thing to be thankful when you realize what could have happened. Every phase of life has its challenges, but making the best out of a bad situation can make the journey just a little bit easier. As long as you are able to see the dawn of another day there is nothing too hard to overcome. Do your best to make it a great day, regardless of what is going on around you. Don’t forget to say thanks in the process.

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