Everything’s Going Up.

Have you been to a dentist lately? Well, I was talking with my mom the other day and she was telling me she made an appointment to have her teeth cleaned. When she arrived for her appointment instead of getting her teeth cleaned, she was taken to get x-rays done. Although she did not know about the x-rays before she got there, she thought to herself, “ surely after they do these x-rays, my teeth are going to be cleaned.” Of course she was wrong. After the x-rays were completed, she was told she had to make another appointment to come back and have her teeth cleaned. What is this? Another appointment means more money and more time. Although she only had to pay $10 for the x-rays, she would have to make arrangements to get to another appointment and pay out more money in co-payment fees when she returns to actually get her teeth cleaned. The problem from my perspective appears to be “Milk the insurance company for everything you can and the customer for the rest.” It’s not just dentistry, it’s hospitalization, doctor visits, car repairs, home repairs, etc. Any and everything we can have insurance for the price has gone up exponentially so that it is almost impossible to get things done without having some type of insurance. This appears to be a self perpetuating system because we pay more in premiums and we pay more for our co-pays and the government kicks in the rest. The only ones benefitting from all this money exchange are the big wigs who dream up these schemes to make more money off the backs of those who can least afford it. Frankly, I am tired of all the scamming perpetrated upon the backs of the American people. The rich keep getting richer; the poor keep getting poorer while the rest of us get squeezed in the middle. I’m tired of paying out more and receiving less. Working harder while getting fewer benefits. I think the only way things will change is when we as the people change our attitudes, deciding we will no longer take the abuse and misuse by those who are charged to protect us. When we change our attitude about what is going on and stop being the victims of the bate and switch game, then and only then will real change occur. Free yourself, you’ll feel better!

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