Making The Best.

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In my book Enlightenment-Looking Back To Move Forward I tell the story of an unpleasant discrimination experience involving two junior high school girls.  Both girls were young and impressionable, but how one of the girls managed to move beyond the unpleasant experience and move forward to finally understand the bigger purpose for her life.  It is easy to become bitter when something negative happens, but we can take that same unpleasant episode and use it to make us better. Just like any experience the take-away can be helpful or harmful.  It all depends on the support system around you and the attitude you possess about the situation.  Nothing in life ever happens in a vacuum and you can be sure others have had to deal with the same issue. My character had to recall her discrimination moment to help her in a future time.  Have you ever had to draw from an unpleasant moment to help you resolve a current crisis?  Did you learn anything of value? Think about it and you’ll feel better!!

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