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Election Day Blues

election2016I think most of us today are ready for this election cycle to be over.  I know the road to becoming the President of the United States is a difficult one, but the amount of mud-slinging, name calling, and finger pointing is so over-the-top it can hardly be tolerated one more day.  People who run for this office generally think they have something to offer that will make the country a better place once they are elected.  The truth of the matter is no one person has the power to do anything on their own.  We have a representative form of government which means the power has been broken up into three parts:  Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.  Regardless of what we’ve been told, no one person controls every facet of the government.  The Executive Branch which contains the President looks very powerful and prestigious, but the Legislative Branch holds the purse strings and makes the laws that govern us.  The Judicial Branch has the power to interpret the laws that are made by the legislature and they are there to ensure those laws are followed.  If “We the people” don’t take the time to understand how our government works, we will fall prey to those who seek to deceive us into thinking our president has more power than he/she actually has.  An informed voter is a powerful person. Don’t buy into scare tactics, learn the facts and exert your power by getting out to vote.  Free yourself, you’ll feel better!!

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