Do You Want to Be different?

This election year has been full of twists and turns. People say they are tired of the status quo, but are they really? Do they really know what that means? Regardless of who is elected the status quo will probably not change very much. Many times we say we want something different, but the truth is, we want to be just like everyone else. We want to be accepted, understood, appreciated and valued just like we are. We say we want to be different, but if we think people perceive us as different, queer, odd or not like everyone else we are unhappy and want to have our way of thinking as the norm. The idea of being individual is really a myth, but it makes us feel good to think we are not like everybody else. There’s nothing wrong with being an odd-ball as long as you understand others may not share in your view and you can take the pressure of not being immediately accepted. Some people are different on purpose while others are born that way. Regardless of your position, don’t allow life to happen to you; make it happen for you. Free yourself and you’ll feel better.

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