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Getting In The Christmas spirit.

When I was younger I could hardly wait until Christmas day arrived. It always meant lots of family, food, gifts and fun for all the children. I don’t think I ever thought about all the hard work my parents put into this day to make it seem so magical, but I now know that it took a great deal of effort to make it seem so effortless. Fortunately, as a child I never had to think about how all the gifts got under the tree, nor did I have to worry about preparation of food and other holiday treats. My job was to merely enjoy everything and share with my friends my great fortune. However, the one thing my parents never forgot to share is that Jesus was the reason for the season. As I grew older and had a family of my own, I tried to do the same thing for my children that my parents did for me so many years ago. I think hubby and I did a pretty good job because my children are now adults with children of their own and they seem to be continueing the tradition. I think the one thing that makes the whole thing so special for me is that we never forgot to teach that Jesus is the reason for the season. Although the gifts are nice; the food is great; and the family fellowship is fun, but the real joy comes from knowing Jesus was born into the world to give us new life. As you go about your holiday routine, don’t forget to keep Jesus as the center of all your celebrations because He will make the difference between true happiness and joy. Have a very Merry Christmas everybody!!!

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