Does Anyone Listen Any More?

Stop sign, traffic sign and danger sign

Why is it we never seem to learn anything from the experiences of others? I know we are suppose to share our knowledge with others so they won’t have to endure some of the things we have had to go through to get where we are.

However, many people, especially young people today think there is value in unnecessary struggle; Honor in falling in a marked hole; or asking for help only after you’ve made a complete mess out of everything. I have found that most young people already think they know it all and they are not interested in learning an easy lesson. It appears that some people would rather learn the hard way even if an easier alternative is available. There are many authors who have written many books with the intent of sparing unpleasant life experiences, but I am not sure the effort is always appreciated. I think self-help books are great and serve a purpose, but history seems to repeat itself regardless of the generation. I think it’s a good thing to try and sound the alarm, but don’t be disappointed when a few hard-headed people refuse to take sound advice and need to be rescued. I wonder if it is a pitfall of being young. Do you fit in that category? Or, do you know others who fit in that category? Think about it and free yourself, you’ll feel better!!!

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