Value VS Worth

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I was listening to a news piece about the actress/comedian Monique who recently turned down a Net Flicks show opportunity because she thought the show producers did not offer her a comparable amount of money equal to the amount offered to some of her male counterparts.  I understand her desire to make as much as the next person, but I think we sometimes get our value mixed up with our worth.  I think Monique is a very talented and gifted performer who has a wide variety of acting skills under her belt.  She has been on numerous television shows and she has starred in numerous movies.  She has also received an Oscar in recognition of her acting abilities.  She has done radio, television, stand-up comedy and many other jobs that place her at the top of her game.   Therefore, she certainly has the right to ask for the amount she thinks she is worth.  The problem always becomes what is someone willing to pay.  Just because you think you are worth a certain amount doesn’t mean people will pay the amount you are asking.  I don’t blame Monique for her valuation of her gifts and talents, but I also can’t blame the show producers for their valuation of her net worth to them.  When the two valuations don’t appear to match the best thing to do is to find the platform that values your gifts and talents at the same worth you have given them.  Value is defined as the amount of money that is considered to be a fair equivalent of what is being assessed. Regard that something is held to; deserve; importance, usefulness, worth of something.  Principles or standards of behavior.  Worth on the other hand, is the price a thing can be sold for just as it is right now.  The current price; what you are willing to pay, or the perceived value of a thing.  I don’t know whether or not Monique is worth more than what the executives at Net flicks were willing to pay, but it is up to her and her agent to negotiate for an amount she believes is commensurate with her talents.  If they are unwilling or unable to meet her requirements, then she should seek other opportunities elsewhere that align with the value she places on her abilities.  It is always a tricky thing to try and compare yourself to another because it all boils down to — What is a customer willing to pay for what you are offering?  Like it or not, we live in a capitalistic society and everybody is out to make as much as they can and pay as little as possible for what they get.   What say you?

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