It’s Just Another Day

We are coming up to Valentine’s Day and so many people will feel disappointment if they don’t receive candy, flowers, sex, dinner, etc. If those things aren’t being done already, one day won’t make a difference. It is very nice to observe special days that have been set aside during the year. However, many of the things we wait to do should be done as often as we can do them regardless of the day. If no one wants to give you anything don’t feel bad; treat yourself and you’ll feel better. It’s all about making your own happiness. What do you think?

Make Your Choice

Trouble is an easy thing to get into, but not always as easy to get out of. When you’re young you have no choice about your surroundings, family associations or life expectancy. However, as you grow and learn more about the world you are able to make choices for your life. Good choices don’t always seem like the most fun choices at the time, but the right choices always end up being the ones that bring you the most joy and happiness in the end. I’ve made a few bad choices in my lifetime, but I am grateful I had time to make course corrections before it was too late. Free yourself you’ll feel better !

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