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Zora Neale Hurston – Activist, Civil Rights Activist, Author

Zora Neale Hurston

Zora Neale Hurston in 1931 wrote about the life of Cudjo Lewis. Lewis was believed to be the last African man alive who had been kidnapped from his village, shackled in the cargo of a ship and forced into slavery in America. Finally, 87 years after Zora Neale Hurston wrote Lewis slave account, the book is being published.

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The new release by Oh Kneel Porter –

During one of the most challenging seasons of my earthly existence, God spoke to me and
“Encourage the people.” And of course, in my own sheepish way of replying in my
mind (was not going to say it out loud – smile): “God, I need encouragement myself!” And, He so wonderfully replied, “O’Neal, you have it. It’s on the inside of you. I put it there.”

This is the origin of O.D.E. – O’Neal’s Daily Exhortations! For a year and a half, as led and directed by the Spirit of God, God blessed me to write daily devotionals to encourage,
enlighten, empower and edify others’ lives.
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Sites Unseen:Traveling The World without Sight

Wendy David can’t stay home. Even with a rewarding job as a psychologist for the Veterans Administration in Seattle, she keeps her suitcase packed – just in case. Together with her partner, Larry, who is also blind, they have been to Europe 6 times, Hawaii 4 times, and have traveled all over the United States and Canada, visiting glaciers, swimming with dolphins, even kissing sea lions.

Now she wants to share what she has learned along the way with other blind travelers in Sites Unseen: Traveling the World Without Sight. “Every time I leave on another trip,” says David, “blind friends and acquaintances pepper me with questions: ‘How do you get around countries with no public transportation? How do you deal with different types and sizes of currency? How do you travel overseas with a guide dog? Who describes the unique sights to you?'”

In Sites Unseen, David covers the territory. Drawing on her extensive experience, she helps you decide where to go, when to go, how best to get there, how to find accessible travel websites and social networks; gives tips for navigating busy airports, sleeping overnight on trains, enjoying today’s more comfortable bus lines, selecting a theme-based cruise, using accessible GPS, and more. “There are so many resources out there,” says David. “People just don’t know about them.”

With this book, you can travel the world with confidence.

Note: “Sites Unseen” is available in braille, eBraille, accessible PDF, and DAISY (text-to-speech audio).